Enabling Flexible and Organic Electronics for a more sustainable world

Reinventing the world of electronics with a revolutionary organic and flexible technology that enables a new generation of sensors and logic based on solution deposited functional inks at a low temperature, on low-cost substrates to make organic integrated circuits.


Envision tomorrow’s electronics

Founded by organic electronics researchers and chip designers, FlexiiC provide innovation in the design of flexible integrated circuits and systems and its manufacture to jump-start new organic electronic development market. 

FlexiiC circumvents the costly conventional materials and fabrication techniques replacing them by solvent-based ones and additive deposition techniques such as printing.


Comprehensive solutions for flexible and ultra-low-cost organic integrated circuits

The lack of electronic design services in organic electronic foundries and companies hinders new implementations in the market. FlexiiC targets the niche.

From our long experience in electronic design and organic electronics manufacturing, FlexiiC today offers a broad range of design and manufacturing services for technically complex electronic organic and flexible components.

FlexiiC presents design modeling services including Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) and Process Design Kits (PDKs) customization.  Moreover, we also manufacture flexible and organic integrated circuits and supply vertical solutions.



Our innovation lies in the design and manufacture of flexible integrated circuits and their integration into electronic systems, based on printed-organic electronics technology. This technology allows the integration of electronic circuits manufactured with electronic printing, advanced deposition and additive manufacturing technologies for the development of solutions until now made with conventional silicon technologies based on photolithographic and costly clean room processes. 


We are committed to supply very low cost organic and flexible integrated circuits and systems and vertical solutions based on them.


Technology / R&D

The circuits offered by FlexiiC relies on the Organic Electronics (OE) technology. Its potential is guaranteed by current applications -such as OLEDs in displays in the global market.

Instead of the mainstream electronics, the OE are made from organic materials being able to be transparent, physically flexible, and fabricated continuously on a roll to produce low-cost electronics. 

FlexiiC offers a platform to implement ultra-low-cost and flexible integrated circuits for specific applications at a fraction of the cost and fast fabrication. Moreover, our chips can be easily integrated into thin-film electronic components to create novel solutions.

Products and services

FlexiiC presents design modeling services including Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) and Process Design Kits (PDKs).  We are leading distributors of technically complex  organic and flexible electronic components. Moreover, we also manufacture organic chips and supply vertical solutions.

Custom PDK

Customized design kits (PDKs) to cover the technological needs of organic microelectronic foundries.

Custom PDK


Design and manufacture
of organic chips to be offered to OEM integrators. The low cost of prototyping and the speed of manufacturing allow working with low stock levels and responding
quickly to customer needs.

Sensor Platform

Our innovative sensor acquisition platform offers affordability, adaptability, and eco-friendliness, empowering diverse sensor applications with robust amplification and transmission capabilities to mitigate noise interferences effectively.

Our team

Dr. August Arnal

co-CEO & CTO

PhD in

Device modeling, PDK development, circuit design and simulation.

Jordina Juvanteny



General and Financial company direction.

Ing. Joan Plana



Company management, technological consultancy, innovation assessor.

Dr. Eloi Ramon

co-CEO & Scientific Advisor

PhD in

Printed electronic devices and Systems, electrical characterization

Dr. Carme Martínez-Domingo
Scientific Advisor

PhD in Microelectronics

Organic sensors development, device characterization.

Dr. Miquel Moras

Senior Circuit Designer

PhD in

Analog IC design, system integration and microcontrollers programming.

Joan Serrano

Circuit Designer

BSc in Ind. Electronics Engineering

Digital IC design, protocol implementation and system integration.

Joan Ribé

Circuit Designer

BSc in Computer Engineering

Digital IC design, computer architecture and EDA development.

Dr. Ashkan Rezaee

Senior Circuit Designer

PhD in Microelectronics

Organic digital IC, RISC-V developer and EDA deployer.

Our advisory board

Dr. Lluís Terés

Scientific Advisor

PhD in Microelectronics

System design, IoT systems, N/MEMS interfaces, system integrationn

Dr. Adrià Bofill

Scientific Advisor

PhD in Microelectronics

CMOS simulation and circuit design, image sensor, company management.

Our partners
Centro Nacional de Microelectrònica

IMB-CNM is a well positioned research center to be the best partner for the development of new Micro and Nano Technologies, Components and Systems.



Smartkem is the pioneer and global leader in the design, synthesis and supply of high-performance organic semiconductor and organic thin film transitor (OTFT) technology that will help power the next generation of low-cost flexible electronics, displays, sensors and logic.





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    Development of organic and flexible chips for food monitoring applications.

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